Train Your Team. Transform Your Organization.

Deploy our experts on-site for intensive training. ERP大学 is the customized boot camp that comes to you.

Customized Curriculum


We customize our curriculum based on your industry and unique processes. We can come onsite for one to three days of ERP system training or business transformation training. We focus on topics such as:


  • ERP选型
    • ERP的发展趋势
    • The User Experience
    • Technology 工具ets
  • ERP 实现
    • Master Data Management
    • Effective Project Management
    • Understanding the Scope of Work
  • Organizational Change Management
    • Identifying Your Change Management Strategy
    • Challenges You Can’t Afford to Ignore
    • Tips for Being a Good Sponsor and Coach
  • 业务设计 & 对齐
    • What is Business Process Management (BPM)?
    • How to Architect a Top-down BPM Framework

What Will You Learn?

Will You Benefit From ERP大学?

你是一个 . . . CFO, CEO, CIO or COO? 它主管? 控制器? ERP Project Manager? ERP Project Team Member?

ERP大学 is designed for groups of 10-100 or more. Contact us today for custom pricing on our ERP system training or business transformation training for your organization.