Business Crisis Consulting

Breathing New Life Into Companies in Crisis

Our business crisis consulting quickly identifies the highest priority issues, determines short-term stabilization solutions, creates action plans and acts immediately.

Business Crisis Consulting is the First Phase of a Restructure

Even good managers can miss the early signs of business distress. You may be looking at the wrong data or you don’t have the appropriate metrics to manage the company’s health. Or, you may be focusing on solving short-term problems but not on the improving the organization’s performance.

This is an emotional time, so having a fresh objective set of eyes is important. Failing business consultants can help you get to the point of acknowledging that your plan isn’t working. This is the first step to restructuring your business.

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Crisis Management Case Study

Operations were maintained, allowing the company to stabilize during exit negotiations and subsequent integration to the acquirer.
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We Take Immediate Action as Failing Business Consultants

We begin with a consultation to determine the duration of business crisis consulting required:

  • Level One (1-2 weeks) – Includes a review of financial statements, payroll verifications, product service validation, forecasting strategy and CFBE (Cash Flow Break Even) sustainability with current funding.
  • Level Two (3-6 weeks) – Includes everything from level one, with additional services including management team review, equity investor support and technology platforms review and requirements.
  • Level Three (6-8 weeks) – Includes both level one and two offerings with additional support consisting of intellectual property analysis, exit opportunities, contract review, customer review and liquidation scenarios.

Crisis Management Case Study

In less than 17 months, the company found an exit and was acquired by a large, progressive transportation company out of San Francisco.

From Uncertainty to Stability

Find out how we help managers, equity owners and lenders ensure business survival.